Van Giảm Áp. GD-41

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Van Giảm Áp INOX Hãng YOSHITAKE: GD-41

Van Giảm Áp INOX Hãng YOSHITAKE GD-41 
* Max. inlet pressure: 2.0 MPa
* Direct-acting type
* Wetted parts SCS14A/SUS316 stainless steel
* Material identification for recycling
* Stable pressure control by pressure balance structure

Feature: Direct-acting type / Wetted parts: SCS14A/SUS316 stainless
Type: Direct-acting type
Application: Cold and hot water , Steam for washing or sterilization
Inlet pressure: Max. 2.0MPa
Reduced pressure: 0.02 - 0.5MPa(*1)
Connection: JIS Rc screwed
Min. differential pressure: 0.05MPa
Max. pressure reduction ratio (*2): 20:1
Max. temperature: 90 degree(C)
Body: Stainless steel
Valve & seat: Synthetic rubber & stainless steel
Diaphragm: Synthetic rubber & PTFE
*1 Reduced pressure
(A): 0.02-0.1 MPa
(B): 0.1-0.25 MPa
(C): 0.25-0.5 MPa
*2 Max. pressure reduction ratio
cool and warm water --- 10:1
air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas --- 20:1
* The maximum pressure for steam is 0.2 MPa
* The maximum temperatue for steam is 130 degree(C) for 30 minutes use.
And 4 hours interval must be taken for re-use.






1. Space saving and resource saving are achieved (used materials are shown
on the body and lower cap, thus separate collection of parts for resource
recycling is easy).
2. Stainless steel (SCS14A and SUS316) is used for wetted parts, improving
corrosion resistance.
3. PTFE covers diaphragm contact surface to fluid, making the diaphragm less
liable to deteriorate and highly durable.
4. Special fluorine-contained rubber parts are resistant to corrosion.
5. Pressure balance structure can keep the reduced pressure at a constant
level without being affected by inlet pressure.
6. Closed structure keeps fluid from flowing to outside even if the diaphragm is
damaged or broken.
7. Safe fluorine grease is applied to O-ring.
8. Can be applied to piping washing, system washing, sterilization washing and
steam for sterilization


Dimensions (mm) and Weights (kg)​

Size L (mm) H (mm) Weight (kg) Cv value
15A(1/2) 85 136 1.2 0.4
20A(3/4) 85 136 1.1 0.6
25A(1) 85 136 1 0.8

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