Full name: Viet Industry Technical Equipment Company Limited   
Capital: VNĐ
Tax code: 0 1 0 6 3 3 5 9 5 1
Headquarters: No 21, alley 31, Dinh Thon street,, My Dinh 1 sub-district, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
Warehouse & Office:   Lot A2-CN1, CN5 Road, Tu Liem Industrial Complex, Bac Nam Tu, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: (+84) 24 6666 6667



• Since its established in 2003, VINDEC is always proud of providing our customers with professional and perfect services in consultancy, design, supply, installation, operation and maintenance.

• Continuing to improve and innovate, VINDEC has developed steadily and brought our customers great satisfaction and complete trust in all other areas of business.

• With the aim of becoming the leading electricity and mechanics contractor known for perfect service and quality in Vietnam, since the beginning of foundation, VINDEC has always thought about our customers’ benefits and has always been aware that staff plays an important role in success of the company.

• For these reasons, in recent years VINDEC has become a trusted counterpart and provider of some big companies from Germay, EU, USA, India, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Turkey and Taiwan, …

• VINDEC is pleased to cooperate with you and make sure that we will bring you the works with the best quality, the highest aesthetics and the lowest cost.


Management carries out the projects based on the advanced models; working methods are creative, on time, quality, safe and economical.

 Designing and checking program are always updated and quickly supported by international leading equipment providers.

 Good maintenance policy as well as frequent caring and consulting bring high benefits, meet the requirements of local and international customers and partners.


We are proud of our well-qualified staff.

 Management ability and working experience of our leaders and staff are qualified by training programs.

 Welfare policies for our staff are always improved and developed. Professional and well-trained staff with BA and MA diploma accounts for 64%, college level and intermediate level is 21% and the rest is 15%.

 Protecting, constructing and designing equipment and facilities are modern and well-equipped.

 Warehouse is able to meet many large constructions at the same time.


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