Dây Aramid- 2044

Dây Tết Chèn Sợi Xoắn Tẩm PTFE TEADIT. Style 2044 - Gioăng TEADIT

Description and Application

Style 2044 is an interlock braid, using spun aramid carded yarns, treated individually with PTFE suspensoid. The packing is also lubricated with silicone based compound for quick and easy break-in. The use of spun aramid fibers produces a softer and very tough packing, but one that is less abrasive than packings braided with aramid filaments.

Style 2044 is a durable packing able to withstand granular and abrasive applications. It is recommended for service in superheated steam, slurries, petroleum derivatives, solvents, chemicals, liquified gases, pulp and paper stocks, sugar syrups, and other abrasive fluids. 
For a firmer aramid/PTFE packing, with higher pressure capabilities, see Style 2004.

Service Limits
Temperature ºF (ºC): -148 (-100) up to 536 (280)
Pressure psi (bar): 
- Static: 2200 (150)
- Rotating: 290 (20)
- Reciprocating: 1150 (80)
PH: 2 - 12
Shaft Speed f/m (m/s): 2952 (15)

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